時事英語 - I

 icon IPO
 icon I'm in.
 icon Imperial House Law
 icon Independence Day
 icon Internet cafe refugee
 icon Internet of Things
 icon Islamist extremist
 icon iceberg
 icon ideal boss
 icon identity
 icon illegal parking
 icon illegal resale
 icon image rights
 icon immigration
 icon immunotherapy
 icon impeachment vote
 icon in-person meeting
 icon inappropriate accounting
 icon incandescent bulb
 icon income tax
 icon incursion
 icon indefinite
 icon independence movement
 icon independent candidate
 icon individual event
 icon industrial action
 icon infield single
 icon inflation
 icon inflation goal
 icon influenza
 icon information disclosure
 icon infrastructure minister
 icon inherent territory
 icon inheritance waiver
 icon initial fare
 icon initial offering price
 icon initial public offering
 icon insider trading
 icon integrated resort
 icon intellectual property
 icon intelligence-gathering satellite
 icon intelligent design
 icon intercontinental ballistic missile
 icon interest rate gap
 icon interests section
 icon interfering with state affairs
 icon internal reserves
 icon international condemnation
 icon international manhunt
 icon international sanction
 icon interstate bridge
 icon interstellar space
 icon investigative recall
 icon ippon victory
 icon irrigation project
 icon isolation ward