時事英語 - L

 icon Liberal Democratic Party
 icon Library anniversary
 icon labor-force participation rate
 icon labor productivity
 icon labor shortage
 icon labor union
 icon lake-effect snow
 icon landing drill
 icon landing site
 icon landmine
 icon landslide
 icon laparoscopic operation
 icon large-volume client
 icon largest shareholder
 icon laser lighting
 icon launch price
 icon laundry detergent
 icon law-evading drug
 icon law interpretation
 icon leadoff man
 icon leave of absence
 icon legal basis
 icon legal compliance
 icon legal scholar
 icon legal settlement
 icon legal smoking age
 icon legal tender
 icon legislative body
 icon lending capacity
 icon levee
 icon leverage
 icon life in prison
 icon light-emitting diode
 icon limited express
 icon line of succession
 icon liquefied natural gas
 icon liquor tax
 icon listed company
 icon listing standards
 icon live broadcast
 icon live fire
 icon live program
 icon live stream
 icon living-donor transplant
 icon living succession
 icon loaning capacity
 icon local transmission
 icon localized torrential rain
 icon lockdown
 icon logistics hub
 icon lone attacker
 icon long-period ground motion
 icon long-period ground movement
 icon long-term debt
 icon long-term memory
 icon losing streak
 icon lottery
 icon low pressure system
 icon lunar eclipse
 icon lunar new year
 icon lunar probe