時事英語 - B

 icon BYOD
 icon Belt and Road
 icon Billboard
 icon Brexit
 icon Buddha
 icon baby hatch
 icon bail
 icon bail request
 icon ballot paper
 icon bank account
 icon bank heist
 icon bankruptcy
 icon bankruptcy procedure
 icon banned substance
 icon banquet
 icon bar examination
 icon baseball gambling
 icon beatification
 icon beef-on-rice dish
 icon best-by date
 icon biggest party
 icon biggest stakeholder
 icon bilateral exchange
 icon bilateral relationship
 icon bioethanol
 icon biological drug
 icon birthright citizenship
 icon blackout
 icon blanket restriction
 icon blind
 icon blood clot
 icon blood transfusion
 icon blue chip stock
 icon board of directors
 icon body double
 icon bond dependency ratio
 icon bone marrow
 icon booster shot
 icon border buffer zone
 icon border closure
 icon border treaty
 icon box-office record
 icon box-office revenue
 icon brain-dead
 icon brand infringement
 icon breeding period
 icon bribery
 icon bribery scandal
 icon brick-and-mortar outlet
 icon brick-and-mortar store
 icon broiled eel
 icon bubble economy
 icon budget
 icon budget airline
 icon budget deficit
 icon budget smartphone
 icon bull run
 icon bullet train
 icon bullying
 icon business confidence
 icon business partnership
 icon business sentiment
 icon business trip
 icon buzzword