時事英語 - A

 icon A-bomb
 icon Advanced Persistent Threat Attack
 icon the Arctic Ocean
 icon Aum Shinrikyo
 icon abandoned home
 icon abdication
 icon abduct
 icon abduction issue
 icon absolute monarch
 icon abuse of authority
 icon academic performance
 icon account number
 icon accounting irregularity
 icon accumulated snow
 icon act of retaliation
 icon act of war
 icon active fault
 icon active fault line
 icon adjuvant
 icon administrative lawsuit
 icon advanced treatment hospital
 icon advantage of scale
 icon advertising agency
 icon advertising revenue
 icon aerial bombing up
 icon affirmative action
 icon age bracket
 icon aging population
 icon aid convoy
 icon air defense identification zone
 icon airline alliance
 icon airspace violation
 icon al-Qaeda
 icon alcohol ban
 icon alcohol content
 icon alcoholic drink
 icon algorithmic trading
 icon alien species
 icon all-you-can-read subscription service
 icon ammunition
 icon amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
 icon ancient ruins
 icon animal trick
 icon annexation
 icon annual admissions
 icon annual assembly
 icon annual tax revision plan
 icon annular solar eclipse
 icon anti-apartheid struggle
 icon anti-counterfeit new
 icon anti-doping laboratory
 icon anti-dumping duties
 icon anti-government protests
 icon anticyclone
 icon antitrust watchdog
 icon arbitration
 icon archaeological site
 icon armed provocation
 icon armed robbery
 icon armistice agreement
 icon arrest warrant
 icon arson
 icon artificial incubation
 icon ascension
 icon ash
 icon assassin
 icon assembly hall
 icon assembly plant
 icon asteroid
 icon asteroid explorer
 icon asylum
 icon athletic ability
 icon atmospheric entry
 icon auction
 icon augmented reality
 icon authenticity
 icon autocratic regime
 icon autonomy
 icon autophagy
 icon average retail price
 icon avian flu
 icon avian influenza