時事英語 - C

 icon CPFR
 icon Chernobyl
 icon Children's Day
 icon Civil Code
 icon Cold War
 icon Commonwealth
 icon Constitution Day
 icon Credo
 icon Crown Prince
 icon cameo appearance
 icon campaign promise
 icon candidate
 icon capital and business alliance
 icon capital control
 icon capital reduction
 icon carbon neutrality
 icon carcinogenic substance
 icon cardboard paper
 icon carp streamer
 icon caste
 icon catch limit
 icon cathedral
 icon cave-in
 icon cease-fire
 icon ceasefire agreement
 icon cell-phone
 icon censure motion
 icon centenarian
 icon central atmospheric pressure
 icon centrifugal force
 icon cerebral hemorrhage
 icon charitable foundation
 icon cheap shot
 icon chemical attack
 icon chemical contamination
 icon chemical weapon
 icon child counseling center
 icon circuit breaker
 icon citizenship
 icon city hall
 icon civil order
 icon civil penalty
 icon classified information
 icon clay figure
 icon climate fluctuation
 icon clinical study
 icon clinical trial
 icon close aide
 icon closed-circuit footage
 icon closeout sale
 icon closest approach
 icon coal-fired power generation
 icon coal-fired power station
 icon coalition government
 icon coast guard
 icon coded message
 icon coincident index
 icon cold air mass
 icon collision
 icon colloquial style
 icon come to light
 icon comfort women issue
 icon commemoration ceremony
 icon commercial whaling
 icon communications infrastructure
 icon communications satellite
 icon communique
 icon communist state
 icon compensation
 icon competitive swimming
 icon composer
 icon compound interest
 icon compulsory education
 icon computer-system failure
 icon concentrations of carbon dioxide
 icon confectioner
 icon congress
 icon consecutive
 icon consolidated operating profit
 icon consortium
 icon conspiracy
 icon constitutional declaration
 icon constitutional revision
 icon consulate
 icon consumer price index
 icon consumption tax
 icon consumption tax rate
 icon containment vessel
 icon contiguous zone
 icon continental shelf
 icon contract employee
 icon contract killing
 icon convertible
 icon conveyor belt sushi
 icon convoy
 icon cooler summer
 icon coordinated terror attacks
 icon coral reef
 icon coronavirus surge
 icon corporate culture
 icon corporate inversion
 icon corporate lingua franca
 icon corpse abandonment
 icon correspondence education
 icon corrugated cardboard
 icon corruption
 icon cosmodrome
 icon cosplay
 icon couch potatoes
 icon counter-protestor
 icon counter proposal
 icon counterfeit credit card
 icon coup
 icon coup d'état
 icon crater
 icon creative accounting
 icon credit rating
 icon crime scene
 icon criminal charge
 icon criticality
 icon crocidolite
 icon crude oil
 icon cruise missile
 icon crustal deformation
 icon cryptocurrency
 icon cryptocurrency exchange
 icon cultural asset
 icon cultural interaction
 icon curation
 icon curling
 icon currency intervention
 icon currency manipulator
 icon currency rigging
 icon currency swap arrangement
 icon current account balance
 icon current account surplus
 icon curriculum
 icon custody battle
 icon customs
 icon cyber cafe
 icon cyberbullying
 icon cyberextortion